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16 March 2016 @ 05:50 am
SHOUNEN CLUB 2016.03.02  

Hello, hello, and Merry Christmas! Loljk. Anyway, since I managed to start with a Sexy Zone song, I'll take this opportunity to greet both Kikuchi Fuma and Nakajima Kento a belated happy birthday! Their birthdays are on the 7th and 13th of the month respectively. Lately, I like Kenty a lot because it seems Aran is often under his care, starting this spring they will even be senpai-kouhai in uni. :) On another note, I'd like to comment on a new unit (I'm not sure maybe the unit is only for Crea) but yeah, Love-tune. Yasui Kentaro finally gets to be in a unit and Hagiya Keigo and Sanada Yuma are put in a group too after quite awhile, Morita Myuto is there while also being a member of Travis Japan. As much as I would like to support them because I really like the members, I don't want this kind of complication either. Sometimes, I can't help but hope they get another jr instead of Myuto for the bass. I mean, I'm pretty sure there are other jrs who are not in a unit who also knows how to play the guitar/bass. I just want the management to stop messing with Travis Japan already by getting members from time to time. Travis Japan has 9 members, not 8, not 7, not 6, but 9! Anyway, sorry, twitter has limited characters and I need to let this out somewhere so I'm putting it here hahaha. And also! Let me express my happiness because TakiTsuba's shinshun concert will be released on DVD and Blu-ray! Travis Japan (all 9 members) served as backdancers for that concert and in the setlist, they will even include Travis Japan segment! Omg, I love you TakiTsuba and whoever that person from the management who decided to include Travis Japan segment!!! So excited to watch it, really! Okay okay, I'll proceed with my commentary. XD

Sexy Zone started the episode with their song 24-7 Bokura no Story. Lol, sometimes I feel awkward when Sato Shori is singing, there are times when he looks like he's in pain 😂 The song hasn't gotten into me yet and the performance felt so-so. The backdancers are Prince members (Jinguji Yuta, Kishi Yuta, Iwahashi Genki), Tensai Genius members (Muraki Ryota, Sugeta Rinne, Motodaka Katsuki), Nagatsuma Reo, Tanimura Ryuichi, Matsuda Genta, Negishi Aomi, Nakamura Reia, Kaiho Jun, Maeda Koki, and Hayashi Takuto, um well, until it got to the bridge part and a whole brigade of younger jrs in yellow entered the picture, I think HiHi Jet members(Inoue Mizuki, Haba Yuki, Hashimoto Ryo, Igari Soya) and Classmate J members (Konno Taiki, Iwasaki Taisho, Sasaki Taikou, Minato Matsui, Takahashi Yuto, Wada Yuki) are all there though. Prince members were left backdancing with the jrs in yellow. I think Sexy Zone sang live, but I have doubts because of Shori hahaha.

The theme is "Story." Fuma mentions that he's turning 21 soon (this was aired on March 2, remember? XD) his birthday was on the 7th. And he even made a joke about their song 24-7, and said "21-7" well probably referring to his age soon and his birthdate. Next Mr. KING members (Hirano Sho, Nagase Ren, Takahashi Kaito) are called and they were asked to introduce themselves and had a little talk then had them stand by. Is this really necessary? Usually they would just have them standby without having to call them for an introduction and a talk first, right?

Mr. KING performed Fighting Man by NEWS. Feeeeeeeeels, the last 6nin NEWS single!! And after all, I really love Ren's voice! ❤ The backdancers did great for this performance, it even seemed like they were enjoying the performance more than the three who are singing lol. The backdancers were some of the backdancers from the opening, namely Kaiho, Maeda, Genta, Reia, Reo, Tanimura, Negishi, and Takuto. Love these eight!! Please continue enjoying what you do, it will eventually pay off! :)

Next is Sexy Zone talk. Fuma showed a timeline of some happenings in his life but I couldn't really care less about it hahaha.

Next is Hi Hi Jet with Next Dream. I don't hate Mizuki's voice but it sounds a little off with this song, I think Hashimocchan's voice might be better and smoother(?). I really like Mizuki's part in their song Hi Hi JET though. The backskaters/backdancers were Sakuma Ryuto, Hayashi Ren, and I don't know the name of the one (sorry!) I don't know if it's just me being biased but Ryuto is really cool when he's skating! I think his movements are smoother and even more graceful than the others. XD :)

Next is talk part with A.B.C-Z. And yes, I didn't pay attention to that too.

Next performance is Johnnys WEST with their song "Eternal". I don't know the song and I have nothing much to say about the performance haha.

Shokura Blog comes next and the featured jr is Takahashi Kaito. I am not too interested in him so I wasn't paying attention to it either. XD

Next is Takahashi Kaito and Kishi Yuta's performance of Biroodo no Yami by Kinki Kids. Tbh, I can't figure out what Kishi is doing sometimes with his dance. XD

Then, there was a serious part where Shori talked about something I'm not sure about. He then introduced the next song.

The next song is Kizuna performed by Masuda Ryo, Hirano Sho, Kyomoto Taiga, and Jesse. So, um has Hanzawa really left? I don't think Sho's voice suit this pack to be honest, not that it sounds bad but I'm sure it would have sounded even more better if Hanzawa was there instead of Sho. Anyway, I still like it because hearing Masuda, Taiga, and Jesse singing ballads (and Kizuna being a favorite) is just so nice. And to add to this, the way Taiga played with the mic and his gestures at the end, I find that really sexy hahaha, I couldn't help but smile with that! ❤

Next is Johnnys WEST no Sekai Mukashibanashi. I'm not too interested in the debuted groups' parts in Shokura, really haha. Maybe you can get me to watch their own shows but if it's Shokura, I will usually only look at the jrs. XD

Next performance is A.B.C-Z with their song Hanakotoba. Well, this is to promote their 8th DVD which officially comes out today, right. I don't have anything to say about the performance, lol. (But I'm looking forward to the DVD because it has Travis Japan's Shimekake Ryuya and Kawashima Noeru, and also Musho jrs Moritsugu Ryota, Meguro Ren, Teranishi Takuto, and Hara Yoshitaka on the ABC Za stageplay footage!!)

Jr ni Q comes next and the theme is "Boku no Suki na Sweets wa Kore ga" which basically means it's about their favorite sweets.The featured jrs were Motodaka Katsuki, Jesse, Hirano Sho, and Fukazawa Tatsuya (Fukka). Katsuki answered pudding, Jesse answered ichigo daifuku or strawberry daifuku, Sho answered Milk Crepe, and Fukka answered Imo Yokan or Potato Jelly. I think Jesse shared that he once made an ichigo daifuku (or was it his grandmother?) and had SMAP's Kimura Takuya ate it. Fumito was so surprised with this, seems he admire KimuTaku(?)

Talk part with SixTONES is next, and I think they were talking about hobbies. There was a point when Matsumura Hokuto started talking a lot because he was so engrossed on sharing something about a book he has read, Tanaka Juri was so adorable trying to get filmed during Hokuto's part! Juri then said that it's the first time he saw a Hokuto that speaks so much. XD Then, the MCs introduced the next song, though they made fun of Akito because he almost pronounced SixTONES (Stones) as Stans.

Next is SixTONES performance of their song Kono Hoshi Hikari, for the nth time. XD

After the performance, Fumito was made to read a comment which I couldn't understand, lol. Ugh the episode is already ending?!

The ending song is Make My Day by Sexy Zone. They were joined by HiHi Jet, Classmate J, and some other jrs.

And of course, Shori's omake segment. This time, it's with Akito and he said he was busy. XD Is it just me or did Shori tan? He looks dark lol.

There aren't much highlights in this episode for me to be frank. My favorite parts would be Fighting Man by Mr. KING and Kizuna by Masuda, Sho, Taiga and Jesse. Fighting Man mainly because of the backdancers and I love Ren and his voice! And Kizuna because I love the song and the singers were good! ❤

I have watched the 2016.03.09 episode of Shokura and I think I like it more than this one tbh. XD The post for it might be coming soon. That's all for now!

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