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19 February 2016 @ 05:34 am
Here goes my commentary for the 2nd Shounen Club episode of 2016. Before anything else, I'd like to express my happiness because schedules and performers for Johnnys Ginza 2016 or CREA 2016 was announced and Travis Japan shall be having their performances with complete members! Yes, they are not separated this time! They're doing it as 9 for the first time, finally! And also for the first time in several months, the management finally does something which really satisfies me lol. Not like I'll be able to watch the Crea shows live though and we don't even have Takichannel anymore :( But, I'm just really glad Travis Japan will be doing it as 9. At least, I can hope they will show some of their performances on Shounen Club, right? Anyway, sorry for going off topic but I didn't want to make a separate post for that because I'm quite at a lost for words, I'm just really happy. XD Now on to my commentary, which is still lacking with screencaps to compensate for the heavy-text. Lol.

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17 February 2016 @ 09:27 pm
I decided to post commentaries on Shounen Club episodes starting 2016 (I think I have time for it, or I'd like to believe so hahaha). Hopefully, I'll be able to do the other 3 episodes before the March episodes air. I still keep up with Shounen Club even if most of my top favorites aren't regurlarly seen there nowadays. Anyway, even if they aren't often seen there, I like a lot of other jrs so I still enjoy watching the episodes so far. I'm not going to claim my Shounen Club commentaries are like detailed reviews or anything, because I am biased towards my favored persons of course, and my eyes are usually glued to them. My commentaries under the cut is quite text-heavy but I might consider putting in a few screencaps sometime in the future, well let's see. XD

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10 September 2015 @ 03:26 pm

I know I just posted something like this about 3 weeks ago, but since my Top 10 juniors have changed drastically within 3 weeks and I wanted to keep track of how my Top 10 is changing, I decided to write in here again.

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There's my current list of Top 10 favorite juniors! You may say that I'm such a bad fan for changing preferences within weeks, but I'm just new to the junior fandom so while I'm knowing more and more juniors I think this will still drastically change. Probably, it'll stop changing so much after around 3-4 more months after I really know most juniors, but let's see. XD

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Hi! So I decided to post a list birthdays of Japanese actors, actresses, and musicians since I have time to spend waiting for my downloads because I think there might be some people like me who wants a list of their Japanese idols' birthdays. I mean, it's hard to check each one of their profiles to know who are celebrating their birthdays in a specific month, right?

Well, of course, this list will only contain birthdays of actors and actresses who I know and like. I actually have this list on my phone for a year now, maybe? Because I am very grateful these people were born in this world. ♥ The parenthesized numbers after the names are their birth years, after that comes if he/she is a member of a group and his/her agency because just putting their birthdays is a little boring. This list don't have September to December yet though, and some artists' agencies are not listed because I don't know it.  Will work on those when I find time.^^

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19 October 2013 @ 01:43 am
I came up with this to keep track of the dramas and movies I've watched and will watch in the future. I have this list on facebook, but I'm afraid it might be gone when time comes like what happened to friendster, so just in case. lol

If someone's curious on what I recommend among the dramas and movies on this list, then I'd say I recommend them all. Hahaha.
Idk. I can get random when picking dramas to watch, it doesn't need to have my favorite actors/actresses, or it can have the simplest/easy-going/just-feel-good, or the most mind-boggling/tear-jerking plot, and I'd love it. But I can seriously give my comments if I'll be asked about a certain drama/film. I just don't want to type my comments for all of these because it'll be a pain. XD


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